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We have heard the significance of Platelets and what it does. It helps the blood to clot that stops bleeding during an external or internal injury. Low platelets, in medical examination is called as Thrombocyto- penia. Normal platelets counts are 150k to 450k but as long their counts are not less than 30k , chances of having serious bleeding incidents are very low.

What are the causes of Thrombocytopenia and how is it related to ITP?

ITP or Immuno Thrombocytopenia is a form of Thrombocytopenia which is caused due to failure of our body’s immune system. As matter of fact, ITP is one of the main reasons for Thrombocytopenia to develop and at times become severe. Some of the other causes of Thrombocytopenia include:
  • Bacterial infection in the blood, sepsis
  • Dengue fever
  • Overdose of scheduled drugs
  • Chemotherapy, radition therapy
  • Use of blood thinners
  • Blood cancer, Lymphoma, Myeloma
  • TTP
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Chronic liver disease, or Extrahepatic portal hypertension

What are the symptoms of Thrombocytopenia?

Bleedning is the only symptom of low platelets counts. Weakness, tiredness, fever, body pains are not caused by low platelets
counts but can be caused by the underlying condition which is causing low platelets counts.

In its serious shape, you may present conditions like

  • Bleeding through your gums or nose
  • Reddish tinge appearing on the skin especially near the feet
  • Bruises on the skin

How is Thrombocytopenia diagnosed?

Normal blood test such as a good direct peripheral smear performed by an expert can help your doctor diagnose and confirm Thrombocytopenia. However, he may also advise to conduct
  • Complete physical examination
  • Dengue and other vital infection test
  • Immunoglobulin profile
  • Bone Marrow test – basic and advanced.

What are the treatments available for Thrombocytopenia?

Your doctor might suggest the type of treatment suitable to you based on you test results and current health position. The major objective behind treating Thrombocytopenia is to increase your platelets level to such a high position that it helps the blood clot during serious injuries. Some of the treatments include
  • Through steroids
  • Medicines administered through Intravenous or IV
  • Platelets transfusion
  • No treatment , just wait and watch under close monitoring

In peripheral centers, steroids are being used left and right for ITP which can lead to serious consequences if not started and monitored by experts. So, it is always prudent to consult a good hematologist before taking treatment.

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