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Leukemia Treatment in Hyderabad – a story of a 27-year-old

Experience of Shreya on Leukemia Treatment in Hyderabad :

Shreya (name changed), a 27-year-old woman barely settled post-marriage, was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML – chronic phase) & received a leukemia treatment in Hyderabad. Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia is a rare type of bone marrow cancer in which the number of white blood cells starts multiplying abnormally.

leukemia treatment in Hyderabad

Problem she has faced for Leukemia Treatment in other Hospitals:

She visited a reputed clinic in Hyderabad for treatment but the improvement in her health was slower than anticipated. The couple (Shreya and her spouse) had a major concern- her inability to bear children on prescribed drugs. These drugs were expected to cause some grave birth defects to the child. The long-term side-effects were not well known either. The couple’s worries worsened when the doctor couldn’t give any assurance for the baby.

Experience at Hematology BMT Institute International

Luckily, Shreya had minimum side-effects. The couple was looking for a gynecologist & oncologist to make an informed decision. During their search, they came across Dr. S.K. Gupta at Hematology BMT Institute International. According to the couple, Dr. S.K Gupta was very patient and explained Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) and its treatment in Layman’s term. Leukemia treatment in Hyderabad began with Imatinib 400mg.

“Dr. S.K. Gupta’s expert guidance and support at a personal level during the treatment, has been so effective”, Shreya says. She reached a major molecular response in a little time.

Dr. Gupta’s advice is backed up by extensive research. He goes a step ahead when it comes to caring for and treating the patients. Dr. S.K Gupta has a patient-friendly nature which helped the couple to come to a decision of having a baby through surrogacy. Dr. Gupta supported the couple throughout their journey to coordinate with the gynecologist. This led to a better understanding of Shreya’s condition by the gynecologist. His involvement gave the couple hope for overcoming this hurdle in their life.

The couple was blessed with a healthy baby girl. Since Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) is not hereditary the couple was relieved. The baby’s BCR-ABL (a gene that controls abnormal blood cells into making cancerous proteins) level was sitting stable at zero. The baby is thriving and now 10 months old.

Patient Condition after CML Treatment at HBII

Shreya is almost completing 5 years of her CML diagnosis. Her CML level is right at the bottom and her white blood cell count is normal. She has fully recovered and is living an eventful life. The couple says that they would always be thankful to Dr. S.K Gupta for supporting them through a very troublesome time of their lives.

Dr. S.K Gupta, the founder of Hematology BMT Institute International is loved by all his patients as he acts not just as a doctor but also as a support system. He is known for providing excellent treatment and treating his patients with love and care.

Dr. S.K Gupta promotes a healthier lifestyle, regular screenings, and check-ups to avoid getting caught in life-threatening situations.

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