Best Country & Hospital for Medical Tourism

Overview - What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is the process of travelling outside the country of residence to avail medical care. The influence of technology has created a huge excitement for Medical Tourism and India is one country which has gathered tremendous popularity, as far choosing a favorable destination for Medical Tourism is concerned

Why India?

Over the years, thanks to the best use of technology, India has progressed tremendously, to now be recognized as one of the most preferred destinations for Medical Tourism in the world. Hospitals in India are now well-equipped with the most modern medical equipment and Infrastructure.

Medical excellence in the country is now on par with International Standards as our doctors keep themselves updated on the latest developments in Medical Science and upgrade their skillsets.

The rapidly progressing city of Hyderabad, has contributed immensely in India’s growth towards becoming a preferred medical destination for International guests with affordable medical care. Subsequently, Haematology and BMT Institute International in Hyderabad has emerged as one of the preferred hospitals, for High Quality Healthcare. Supported by a team of excellent doctors, nursing staff, support staff and paramedical staff, the hospital leaves no stones unturned in offering patient care with highest standards Unlike some of the other types of cancers, Leukemia is more dangerous as the cancer cells can easily enter the blood stream and spread all across the body. This destroys the ability of normal blood cells to develop and enter the blood stream.

Why Haematology and BMT Institute International?

Haematology and BMT Institute International, led by Dr.S.K.Gupta, a reknowned haematologist in India, has grown leaps and bounds. Today, the Institute is one of the leading and most preferred care centre for blood and bone marrow related disorders.

Dr. Gupta heads a team of some of the most versatile medical experts across various disciplines and who have collectively contributed by relentlessly serving patients, to the best of the patient’s satisfaction.
We offer some of the most advanced speciality treatments at the hospital, due to which, there is now a ray of hope, not only for Indian citizens, but also for overseas patients, looking in for advanced medical care in Haematology and BMT.

Hyderabad being one of the most sought after and preferred business destinations for many countries across the world and known for affordable medical care, it was only natural for it to have a robust healthcare system. Our USP’s for Medical Tourism are:

  • Well equipped with advanced medical equipment and an efficient team of doctors.
  •  Treatments for International guests are offered at no extra cost when compared to Indian Patients( all other hospitals in India charge about 20 to 30% higher charges for International Patients)
  • We are transparent with the way we work and keep our patients and their families in the loop for every critical decision we take with respect to treatments.
  • Our overall treatment cost is less than any other corporate hospitals in India
  • The core medical team and paramedical staff at Haematology and BMT Institute International, has vast experience in interacting with International Patients, and making them feel at home.
  • Staffs that are a part of our International Patient Care Department have excellent communication skills.
  • We can also help in arranging language interpreters who can help you feel comfortable and communicate in your national language.

Transfers and Accommodation

International Patients can feel completely safe and secure, with our caring and friendly staff, associated with International Patient Care Department. It is indeed a matter of great honour for the Institute and its staff to welcome International guests and serve them.

With Haematology and BMT Institute International, Hyderabad, you are in safe hands right from the time you arrive at the airport.

  • We have a pick and drop facility, in case you have already arranged an accommodation for yourself.
  • Subsequently, we also arrange for pick up and drop from your hotel to the hospital and vice versa.
  • The hospital can also arrange for your accommodation in case you do not have a pre-arranged lodging.
  •  Our Travel Desk will help you with you airline reservations as well as for guided tours for your family, should they be keen in moving around the fabulous city of Hyderabad.


We have an efficient system to manage all the financial formalities required for our International Guests. We accept all payments due in the form of cash, demand draft, foreign currency (Dollar, Euro, Pound), or debit/ credit card. The Medical Centre also has a designated Insurance Help Desk for overseas patients to assist you with all your insurance related formalities. Our prime objective is to make all our International Guests feel absolutely at home while being with us.

Travel, Lodging and Maps

Haematology and BMT Institute International is committed to offer services of International Standards. The hospital’s website is well equipped with Maps and Directional Indicators, to help you reach your intended destination which includes the lodges and guest houses, in close proximity to the hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hyderabad today is ranked amongst some of the top cities in the world for medical care and sees millions of International visitors throughout the year. We have a commendable record in treating International Patients with the support of world class doctors and availability of latest medical technologies. The goal of our Institute is to provide the best treatment at an affordable price.

You can visit our website: to know about location and directions with maps. You can also write to us at or Call on these numbers,

+91 77802 97660
+91 93904 47254
+91 99682 36658

We will respond to you quickly with all the necessary information to help you plan your travel to India.

On medical grounds, we will issue a document requesting for an extension of visa period. The patient’s representative can then present the same at the City Police Commissioner’s office to seek a clearance and apply for an extension.
Best hematologist in hyderabad


With a renowned experience of 15 years, Dr. SK Gupta’s time in the field is the backbone of the Institute. Having started out as a medical student he eventually sprouted to performing over 250 bone marrow transplants to those suffering from blood disorders.
But his expertise does not end here.

He is specialised in various other arrays including Leukemia, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Aplastic Anemia, Thalassemia and Sickle cell diseases, Hemophagocytic syndromes and so on.

An ongoing struggle globally is treating patients on time and Dr. SK Gupta’s morale hits exactly that very spot! He has dealt with cases where adults have been affected by the same by following his principle of giving timely treatment.