General Cancer Awareness- Focus on Blood Cancer
IIT Hyderabad

An awareness talk by Dr. S.K Gupta on Blood cancer. A social campaign and the awareness of blood cancer will be the agenda of this event.

Overview of the event:

  • Detailed guide on what blood cancer is and its symptoms by Dr. S.K. Gupta
  • Different diagnose processes are also presented with the report analysis.

During the event various myths on the procedure and treatment are unveiled with careful analysis and understanding. Few of the common myths are busted by Dr. S.K. Gupta while conducting the event in IIT Hyderabad. 

More information on Oncology is shared during the next half of the event. Detailed understanding of cancer and key messages from experts are shared. All the abnormality conditions are shared for better understanding of the situation.

As for the closing, a question round is opened for the intriguing ones with Dr. S.K Gupta. All your questions will be answered and the involvement of Hematology BMT is shared.